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3 Room Camping Tents – Top 4 Camping Tents For Your Next Trip

3 room camping tents

Everyone deserves a rest in their life from a day to day battle and stress. We all want to take an experience where we want more nature and fewer crowds, where we can spend time with ourselves as well as with our loved ones, that is why camping is good and must choose to choose. It is a therapy which gives you unmounts of possibilities to enjoy.

When we go camping the very first thing is to know about a good camping tent. We are going for an outside adventure like camping, a place is a must, where you can stay comfortable and safe. So if you are a beginner in this adventure, here are some good 3 room camping tent suggestions for you.

3 Room Camping Tents List

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Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent

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In the context of 3 rooms tent, this has a unique design. It comes with a bonus front awning. This tent is instant, having an additional portion on the backside for privacy purposes and a remarkable divider in the main cabin part with an easy setup. The good thing about this tent is it has an electric port and a telescope with 14*14 ft. Dimension with a weight around 15kg .so we should think to give it a try.

Family Tent Waterproof Camping Cabin

Camping with family sounds adventurous therefore we should make such kind of arrangements also, regarding this here we have a family tent waterproof camping cabin worthy of its name. It can accommodate the capacity of 8-10 person with a double layer waterproof anti-mosquito window. It came in weight around 13 kg. The good thing about this tent is easy transportation. Having an easy set up with a carry bag moreover, it comes with fiberglass, steel tube and steel ropes which means more people goes with more fun that directs to more safety as this tent would be a great choice.

Easy Camp Tunnel Tent

As we all agree, fewer people means less mess and more peace. Hence this tent can be a good choice; a 3 person, 4.5 kg tent comes with a fiberglass pole including carrying bag pegs, and guy lines are comfortable and easy to set up.

Camping Hoop Tent

Here we are offering you a spacious tent with arches, comes with a large living room area with 3 bedrooms. It is easy to assemble with poles and fit into all types of weather and a proper ventilation system at the front and back of the tent. A 70 cm two wide mattress in each bedroom with waterproof fiberglass and mosquito nets on the door and the backside of the tent. If we talk about size and weight, this tent comes as a rectangular cover of 58*30*30cm and around 16 kg. With 3 years of warranty hence we should think about this tent.


Life is meant for great adventures with family and friends. It is important to arrange all the essentials like a good camping tent to stay for a while with comfort and protection.

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