5 Exciting Outdoor Camping Games in 2020

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If you’re willing to go out on camping, here are five exciting outdoor camping games that you can try out. Have a memorable experience. 

Camping is an exciting adventure. It gives you the opportunity to make friends and socialise. You meet the best people in your life and form good relations. While going for camps, you can always involve in some playful activities. The outdoor camping games add more enthusiasm and energy to your life. It develops your mental and psychological wellbeing. You also make good memories from such experiences.  

Ladder Golf

You may also call it ladder ball. To play this, you need to carry two three-step ladders and two sets of different bolas. Place the ladders 15ft apart. Now the game begins. Each player will have to toss the bolas so that it lands into the ladder rungs. Hitting the topmost rung gives you one point, middle two and three for the lowermost step. You can play this individually or in group. Play in three rounds and decide the winner. This game requires planning, assessing goals and hitting the desired target. You develop a sense of fulfilment at the end.     

Nature Scavenger Hunt 

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This is one of the famous outdoor camping games played in every country. Depending on the place make a list of items that you would like to search in the camp. This can be flowers, trees, rare plant species, rocks, stones, soil or anything that comes to your mind. Set out hunting in group. When you get something, scratch it off from the list. Don’t forget to take photos and make videos of your achievements. Collect all the things that you can and store them in your house. This awesome activity enhances your confidence and makes your life more purposeful. 

Water Relay

Water relay is strongly recommended if your camp is located near water bodies. Form a straight line with all the group members. Hold a cup. The first person should fill the cup entirely with water and pass it over the head. The next person should adjust positions and try to fill the cup as well. The relay continues in this way. You need to see how much water is there with the last person. At this point, you rotate your position in a clockwise direction and repeat the process. Continue playing until you get tired. This outdoor game is full of fun, thrill and enjoyment.  

Bocce Ball

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Another exciting activity, Bocce Ball is often played by campers. Make sure to carry the entire bocce ball set. Divide your group into two teams. Toss a coin and decide who gets the first chance. The rule is simple. You have to toss the ball and try to reach as closest to the jack as possible. Your ball has to be within the court area. If it goes out, you shall be disqualified. Of all outdoor camping games, this one is unique as it requires a lot of intelligence. You can constantly involve your mind and improve your mental ability and strength.     

Catch/Don’t Catch 

Reach your camp spot, rest for few minutes and start this activity. Encircle one person in your group. That individual should have a ball. Now the game begins. The middle person will throw the ball to any of you and say ‘Catch’ or ‘Don’t Catch’. The subsequent actions should happen as per the instruction. So, if the person says ‘Catch’ and you miss the ball, you’re out. Play it and see who wins this camping event. It demands constant attention and focus. You also learn to be patient.  

The above games are the best ways to enjoy camping. It improves your mood and activates your mind. You feel more energetic and positive. You also inherit key lessons, learn survival skills and get entertained. What more do you need? 

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