Best Campsites For Camping Lovers

Best Campsites For The Camping Lovers

Camping is a recreational and adventurous activity. In this activity, we have to spend days outdoors away from towns and cities. Most people consider it the best way to connect with nature. There are different types of camping. However, the classic camping trip involves lives in the tent at the various places known as campsites. Many people plan this outdoor trip family or friends. Therefore, it can be an excellent way to spend your vacation. However, many camping lovers are unaware of the various campsites. In this article, we provide some of the best campsites in the world that the camping lovers must give a try.

Best Campsites For The Camping Lovers
Best Campsites For Camping Lovers

Wadi Al Gamal Nature Reserve, Egypt

At this place, there are high waterless mountains. You can also find a dry valley along with an area of mangroves. There are sand dunes in this region along with a beach. Therefore, Wadi al Gamal National Park supports a wide range of wildlife due to various ecosystems. The place lies on the red coast of Egypt near the Marsa Alam. Moreover, they provided guided camping facilities to the tourists. Hence, the reserve is one of the popular campsites.

Mombo Camp, Botswana

The place lies near the northern tip of Chief’s Island.  This Camp is a private concession in the Moremi Game Reserve. There are so many large trees which support a different kind of wildlife. Hence, the place is very popular in Africa. The accommodation facilities are exceptional. It consists of nine luxurious tents. They also provide the facility for the game viewing to the campers. Also, the place consists of a big pool which can give much relief during the hot weather.

Paperbark Camp, Australia

The Aussie land can provide you some of the best camping experience of life. The Jervis Bay lies near the campsite. The bay region is home to various dolphins and penguins. Hence, it is one of the accessible campsites in the country.

La Rosa Campsite, United Kingdom

The place is a very popular campsite in the United Kingdom. The additional features near the campsite will make your adventurous trip more enjoyable. The policies of the area are eco-friendly. There is an excellent facility for toilets. However, you need to camp in the candles and moonlight, which can be an unpredictable experience. There are open fires pit for the campfires. The camping site is nearly 20 acres and is less crowded as compared to the others.

Best Campsites For The Camping Lovers
Best Campsites For Camping Lovers

Le Brévedent, France: Best Campsites

The place is popular for the Normandy’s classic camping. It is an ideal campsite for the parents having children. The delicious food will make your camping trip more enjoyable. There are many apple trees in the region along with the glassy pool.

Otter Creek, India: Best Campsites

If you want private camping, then Otter Creek is an ideal place for you. The tents are along with the coconut trees. The scenery is amazing in the region. You can cook the food by yourself or by the private cook. Many people came here for peace and relaxation in nature. Near the place, there is another famous tourist attraction, Goa.

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