Campground: Types And Amenities -

Campground: Types And Amenities

Campground: Types And Amenities

The campground is a site where the campers stay overnight for fun and adventure. Camping is an outdoor activity, which brings the campers close to nature. Campers can enjoy some time out in nature and away from city life. They can stay in these campgrounds with all the necessary amenities and along with their friends and family. A campsite or ground is divided into small pitches. People can stay in these pitches by installing a tent or in their caravans. There can be many campsites in a campground.

Types Of Campground

Campground: Types And Amenities
Campground: Types And Amenities

There are two types of campgrounds in the world. One is an impromptu ground or area. These are the non-designated areas. Campers can opt for such a place, which are mostly roadside area, randomly. Such campgrounds are not safe and do not have any amenity for comfort. The other type of campground is a designated campground. Such kind of grounds has all sort of facilities for camping. People are more safe and secure in such an area and can enjoy to the fullest with friends and family.

Amenities In Designated Campground

The designated campgrounds are the dedicated campsites. Such grounds have some facilities for the comfort and better experience of the campers. The campsite owners often charge some fee from campers for using such designated area. Such grounds are safe and secure even at night. Some standard amenities that they provide are:-

  • Fireplaces- camping is done in open campgrounds. These grounds can be cold during nighttime so, campfires are a must. These campfires can be a hole, a metal enclosure or a circle of rocks. During the night people can enjoy dancing and cooking around these campfires.
  • Road access- campgrounds have their in-built roads, which provide access to the main road and highways. They also offer access to vehicles.
  • Parking area- the grounds have concrete or gravel area, which are perfect for vehicle parking. These areas are sometimes large enough to park cars, caravans, and RV.

Some Other Amenities In Campground

  • Picnic tables- camping is an outdoor activity where campers live a simple life with friends and families. So to enjoy with everyone they like to spend eating and chatting time on picnic tables.
  • Small market- many campgrounds have same small integral markets. Campers get organic food and vegetables for cooking. These markets also sell handicrafts and souvenir for the campers to takeaway.
  •  Pit Toilets- campers need toilets in grounds. Therefore the campgrounds are equipped with pit toilets for their comfort. Campers can enjoy their morning toilet routine being around nature.
  • Flush toilets and showers- some grounds have modern flush toilets and shower area for campers’ convenience.
Campground: Types And Amenities
Campground: Types And Amenities


Everyone must experience going out camping or hiking at least once in his or her lifetime. Camping is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family around nature. Selection of reasonable camping grounds can give the best experience to the campers. Around the world, there are many campsites, which offer the best facilities. Therefore everyone can select their type of campground. 

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