Camping Cooking Set 7PC Cookware -

Camping Cooking Set 7PC Cookware

Camping Cooking Set 7PC Cookware

Now you can prepare delicious meals even when you’re outdoors with this Camping Cooking Set 7PC Cookware! Everybody loves camping, but camping can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. Because you are miles away from home, doing even the basic things can be a challenge. The most common way of cooking when camping is through grilling. However, if you plan to camp for days, eating grilled food all the time can cause you to be sick. With this cooking set, you can still cook healthy and great-tasting dishes quickly.

Camping Cooking Set 7PC Cookware

Features Of Camping Cooking Set 7PC Cookware

The Camping Cooking Set is portable and convenient; It is suitable for outdoor use. The product is durable but still lightweight; It has a foldable handle for convenience when cooking. The product comes with a storage bag for easy carrying; It is heatproof and wear-resistant. The material is aluminum Alloy, and the handle length is 10cm. The Big Pot Size is 14.5 x 8cm and Frying Pan Size is 15.5 x 3.5cm.

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Portable Set 

The good thing about it is that it is portable. Each set comes with seven pieces of cookware such as pots, pans, and bowls that you can use for cooking. The container has a holder for your convenience and prevents your hand from getting burnt. This holder is foldable, so it can save space when traveling. It also comes with a mesh storage bag so you can easily carry the entire set. The set is suitable for about 1 to 2 persons to use. It even comes with a cleaning sponge to help you clean the game easily.

Aluminum Alloy Material 

One of the main benefits is its aluminum alloy material. The advantage of aluminum alloy is that it is food-safe. It also has a smooth surface so the food won’t stick much to it, unlike other materials. This way, you can clean it more effectively so no food residues will remain on it. This is important mainly because you’re using it outdoors. Just make sure to dry the cookware thoroughly before storing it. But don’t worry because the storage bag is of breathable mesh material. This prevents the trapping of moisture inside the cooking tools, which creates mold. Finally, it is lightweight, easy to use and heatproof.

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