Camping Cot Sturdy Folding Bed -

Camping Cot Sturdy Folding Bed

Camping Cot Sturdy Folding Bed

When spending time outdoors, don’t forget to have this camping cot with you. It is a portable folding bed that can give you comfort while enjoying your time outdoors. Get away from your daily work and take time to unwind. Moreover, go on fishing or camping with your family and friends for you to destress from your monotonous work. Enjoy nature, breathe fresh air, and feel the warmth of sunshine. And for you to rest and relax well, have this camping cot and use it while resting or sleeping. Unwind and enjoy your time together while spending time outdoors.

Camping Cot Sturdy Folding Bed

Features Of Camping Cot Sturdy Folding Bed

A durable camping cot since it has a 7075 aluminum alloy bracket. The cloth is made of high-quality oxford material, which is resistant to tear and flexible to body curves. It has a lever locking system, making it sturdy and firm. The material of the product is polyester oxford, 7075 aluminum alloy, and the maximum load weight is 150kg (330.69lb). The dimensions is 1900 x 650 x 380mm (6.23 x 2.13 x 1.25ft) and the weight: 2.3kg (5.07lb) and the storage size is φ190 x 520mm. 

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Durable And Practical To Use

This camping cot is certainly durable for you to use since it has a 7075 aluminum alloy bracket. Moreover, the cloth is made of high-quality oxford material, which is resistant to tear. The fabric has double sewing to add more durability to this cot. Likewise, it increases the strength, but it can maintain it’s flexibility to fit the body curves. Also, the material has excellent air permeability for better air circulation. And the locking system is a lever, making it sturdy and firm to use. With these features, you can be confident enough while sleeping or lying on it.

Portable And Compact Bed

Bringing this camping cot is certainly easy since it has a compact design. Likewise, it only needs a small storage space for you to bring other things in your bag. It is a folding bed that has a dual purpose. You can either use it high or low, depending on your needs. Moreover, this is perfect to use inside or outside your tent. And it’s easy to assemble to give you convenience. Now, you can have a comfortable cot to use every time you go on a nature trip. It’s useful and can provide you with comfort so you can enjoy your time outdoors.

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