Camping France Sites For Kids


France itself is a beautiful site for romantic lovers and camping buddies. If you are a citizen, you will know the beauty of the country and the fantastic countrysides that anyone can love. The camping sites of the city are top-rated. People usually plan their summer holidays camping in the beautiful and famous places in France.

Camping France Sites For Kids
Camping France Sites For Kids

Best Camping: France Sites To Travel

If you want to spend your summer vacation camping in some of the extraordinary ad popular places in France, you might get confused. Various locations have amazing sites for camping. It is tough to choose one from the list.

Camping France: Normandy

It is one of the best places for camping with kids. If you are looking for a vintage area, then this is it. Chateau de Monfreville is not only a famous Walt Disney area but is also renowned for its historical importance. At present, it has more than twenty-five sites for tents and has ample space for the kids to play around. The camping site also has a natural swimming pool which is loved by kids. The tourists enjoy fresh pastries that the people bring in every morning. An honesty shop is also present that sells fresh organic vegetables from gardens. The most famous tapestry, the town of Bayeux, is only a few kilometers from the camping site.

Camping France: Midi-Pyrenees

Midi Pyrenees is present around fifty kilometers south of Toulouse. The Haute-Garonne region is famous for its sunflower fields and is commonly known as country camping. If you are planning for camping and tenting among fruit trees, then this place is ideal. It has around thirty pitches for camping with families. Out of which, only ten pitches are present among fruits trees which will not only provide shades, but you can also enjoy picking peaches. It is an ideal spot to spend your summer vacation with kids. It has a swimming and paddling pool for tourists. You can also enjoy the playgrounds and areas perfect for barbeques. You will also find a pizza oven which requires wood fire.


Camping France Sites For Kids
Camping France Sites For Kids

If you are looking for the most original camoing site in France, then this area is the best place. The saltwater swimming pools with natural filtrations, composting toilets, etc. make it a famous camping site. The area is renowned for rainwater harvesting and is one of the green zones in the country. You can also have a donkey ride around the city that will take you to the camping meadows, surrounding bushes, and walnuts. There are various activity centers which you can enjoy. Its best for the kids to cycle around and check out the fantastic old rail tracks.


There are many beautiful camping sites available in the country of France. It is a perfect place to spend your summer holidays. The brilliant camping sites are best for basking under the sun and enjoying the summer breezes. The kids can enjoy all the summer requirements like the swimming pool, green gardens, and natural beauty.