Camping Tents: Things To Consider Before Buying

Camping Tents: Things To Consider Before Buying

Many people love camping with family or friends. However, we need some essential equipment during an adventurous activity. The most necessary and basic things that are necessary for any type of camping is camping tents. There are so many brands and models of camping tents available in the market. However, most of the people do not know about buying the right tent. There are so many factors to consider in them before buying. In this article, we describe the important things to consider before purchasing camping tents.

Camping Tents: Things To Consider Before Buying
Camping Tents: Things To Consider Before Buying

Tent Capacity

The first thing that you must consider while buying the tent is its size. First of all, you must make a list of all the members going camping with you. Most of the models of the tents do not need additional space for your small pet. However, if you own a large pet, then you must consider it as a full member. You can buy a camping tent considering one member extra than your total members. It can provide you with more space. Therefore, all of the members will be more comfortable.

Camping Tents Seasonality

The seasonality can be a significant factor while choosing any camp. The different kinds of tents as per the seasonality are as follows.

3 Season Tents

These tents are an ideal choice for the temperate weather in summer, spring, and autumn season. They are light in weight. These consist of mesh panels which keep away all the insects. However, they are not the right choice for the winds, storms, or heavy snowy weather. It can keep the bugs away from you but can let the tiny powered sand to enter.

3-4 Season Tents

They have some additional features as compared to the 3 season tents. You can use them in summer as well as late fall. They can also encounter moderate snow. These tents will provide you the right ventilation and some retention of warmth during the cold weather. They have fewer mesh panels and one or two poles extra than 3 season tents. However, you can not use them in extremely cold weather.

Camping Tents: Things To Consider Before Buying
Camping Tents: Things To Consider Before Buying

4 Season Tents

You can call these types of tents as the mountaineering tents. They can handle the extreme cold weather also. These tents consist of dense fibers and more poles as compared to the other season tents. They have rounded dome designs which will eliminate the collection of snow on the top. Some mesh panels are near the ground to allow the air to pass.

Other Important Features To Consider In Camping Tents

You must also consider these additional factors to buy camping tents.

Peak Height: The tent can easily handle height of every member in the group.

Tent Doors: Consider the number of doors as well as their shape.

Tent Poles: The poles will help in easy pitching of your tent.

Rainfly: It is additional waterproof cover with the tent which prevents the rain to come in.

Tent Material: You must be aware of the material of the tent.

Ventilation: Your tent must allow crossing of fresh air.

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