Essential Camping Essentials For Your Dog

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There are several important dog camping essentials you should have with your dog before you go on any trip. The first thing that you need to have with you is a dog crate. You do not want to take your dog along with you in the RV so you need to have a place for him to sleep at night like a dog house or an extra bed in your RV. Also make sure that your dog has his favorite toy and treats to keep him occupied while you are away.

Basic Things For Dog

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You want to be sure that you are taking along some dog supplies for comfort as well as a bathing area. You do not want your dog to get dirty in the RV or in the outdoors. Be sure that you have a nice dog shampoo and conditioner. To help with bathing, you can buy a dog bath tub or even invest in one if you are a camping enthusiast. You will want to make sure that your dog has a collar that is easy to take off and that it is comfortable for him. If he is hot he does not want to jump into the water but he will get cold very quickly if he is cold.

Bring Along Dog Food

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Along with this you will need to bring along dog food and water. If you plan on going far from home you may want to rent a vehicle and buy a couple of days worth of food and water. Also, if you are traveling with your dog overnight you will want to pack plenty of treats and toys just in case he gets bored or hungry out in the wild. If you are on a budget you can always buy a couple of bags of food and water as well.

The first among the dog camping essentials list is of course your dog. If you are going to be camping for a long period of time you will want to bring along food and water for the dog as well as dog supplies. The best idea is to bring along your dog’s favorite toy and keep him company in the RV. That way he will not get bored and he’ll have something to play with while you are away.


Next on the list of dog camping essentials is water. Dogs are prone to heat waves and dehydration so make sure that you have plenty of water to quench your dog’s thirst. You will also want to bring along a water container to fill the water in the containers that you will need. Bring along a supply of shampoo, conditioner, nail clippers and a brush.

On a trip you may need to bring along a first aid kit. You will probably be on a dirt trail, so a first aid kit will not do your pet any good at all so you will need to carry along something more substantial. You should also think about bringing along some pain killers for your dog. Pain killers can help to keep a dog calm in case of an injury. It is important however, that you never leave a dog down in the wilderness.

Dog Bed

Another important item to include in your dog’s camping kit is a dog bed. You should choose one that is high off the ground and that will provide some comfort during the nights. A dog bed that is too small could suffocate if he tries to jump into it. When buying a dog bed, don’t forget to get one that will fit in his crate. If you find that buying a dog bed and other camping gear are difficult, you should consider getting a dog camping insurance policy.


Other than the dog food and dog bed another of the most important dog camping essentials is a dog crate. If your dog has been outdoors before you should consider taking him to a dog park where he can meet other dogs. By meeting other dogs your dog will have a camaraderie that will help to eliminate some of his anxiety. Your dog will also be exposed to new people and places and be exposed to some new experiences. A dog’s sense of smell is very acute, so taking him for walks twice a day along with him in his crate will keep him stimulated.

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