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How To Organize Camping Gear Storage

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Storing your camping gear in proper storage containers can save you a lot of headaches when you are done hiking and are ready to store your equipment in your vehicle. Camping gear tends to lose its “vibrancy” after a while. Many people have experienced gear that appears new to look at after a few months, or even years, of being stored in a stuffy car or another storage container. Proper storage will allow you to preserve the “life” of your outdoor gear, making them work as well as new again. Here are some storage tips for campers:

General Storage Tips For Camping Gear Storage A good rule of thumb is never to throw away any plastic items that may not be worn out but might not be damaged. Store the smaller outdoor items like tents and sleeping bags away from larger, more expensive items. Leave the larger, more valuable outdoor items in a spot where they will be visible but out of the way. If you are storing your outdoor camping gear in a garage, basement, or shed, make sure it is kept in good condition by storing them in a dry place and keeping them out of direct sunlight.

Camping Gear Storage

Storing Tents In a secure outdoor storage area, like a tent, are many useful items like your cooking gear, folding chairs, extra blankets or clothes, etc. Tents are heavy and should never be stacked on top of one another. If you are storing a lot of extra gear, put it in a backpack. Lay down the folded gear on a caddy to keep it off the ground. If you are storing small items that you think you might not need all the way at once, lay them flat on the ground in separate piles. This is the best way to organize and store your outdoor camping gear storage.

Use Disposable Bags Toilet Paper A popular way of storing outdoor gear storage is to use disposable bags. The bags are large enough that you can easily store a number of camping items in them but small enough to be disposed of when empty. You can store anything from wet towels to leftover food in the bag, which will be safe and dry in a landfill. The bags are also sturdy enough to keep your other camping items (such as food) safe and dry as well.

Organize Your Camping Gear While you might have hundreds of different pieces of camping gear, it’s important to group them by function so you can make the most use of each item. Put gear that you rarely use together; this will help ensure you have room for the few items you do use most often. Group several types of food (for example, meat, vegetables, etc.) together. Consider organizing your camping gear storage by season, too, to help ensure you don’t forget anything important when you go camping.

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Bins and Stuff Sacks Another useful aspect of camping gear storage is the use of stuff sacks or bin liners. Stuff sacks are simply large plastic containers, but they’re also very easy to use. Simply stuff them into the containers that are already on your camping organization checklist, close the lid, and you’re done! Stuff sacks come in many sizes, so make sure you buy the largest one that will fit all of your camping equipment and food.

Camping Stuff Bins A popular way of organizing your camping gear storage is to use camping stuff sacks or bin liners to hold everything else. Just remember to clean them once you’re done storing them. Stuff sacks can come in a variety of shapes and colors, so look around for the ones that best suit your personal taste. Some people like to use these to house unused items such as their sleeping pads, cooking utensils, plates, bowls, silverware, dishes, etc. You can also use these to house other types of supplies, such as drinking water, cleaning supplies, bandages, etc…

Bottom Line

There’s no need to stress out about finding a way to get all of your extra space. With the many options available, there’s no reason to be frustrated. Make sure that you make the most of your current storage space and add whatever additional storage space you need. After you’re organized, it’s easy to find and pack everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors.

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