List of Essential Things You Need For Camping -

List of Essential Things You Need For Camping

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Have you ever wondered about counting the stars on a tempest little evening under the bare sky kissing the dew drops? If yes, then what is stopping you from doing so? Get in touch with some of your friends, mark a destination, pack your bags and then get set. Now before you start your journey you need to get some essential commodities which you should not miss out on. While packing your bag do keep it in mind.


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You might be a nature lover and desire to spend your time in the lap of nature. Though it sounds enchanting, you should not fall for the trap. Tent is a very essential item and missing it out could give you nightmares. Tent acts as a protective shield between you and the adverse camping conditions. There might be a storm or rainfall on your camping journey, you never know. Not having a tent will make you vulnerable to risks such as infections and hypothermia. So remember do not step out without a tent and also the required accessories such as rope, pole and stakes.

Sleeping Bag

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A sleeping bag is much more comfortable than a bunch of hay. Wouldn’t you agree? So, sleeping bags count as essentials which you can just not let go. It will protect you from those creepy insect bites which could be fatal. Some of them could even be poisonous and release toxins in your body. The temperature at night falls considerably in mountainous and forest regions.  It is better to sleep on a sleeping bag than the freezing rocks and floor.

Fire Initiator

Camping isn’t complete without some fire and smoke. Fire is of utmost priority when you are in a camp. You need to maintain your body temperature at nightfall when everything is frozen out there. Fire can also be utilized in some emergency cooking if there is no availability of food. You can carry a matchbox, lighter or campers. When carrying a matchbox, do remember to wrap it with a waterproof sheet. Magnesium fire starters have also been proven good for camping.

Flashlight or Headlamp

Though fire is enough for the purpose of bright allure but you do need to carry a flashlight or a head lamp. Flashlight provides light concentrated over a smaller area thus making it accurate for locating minute things inside the tent or while finding your way out. Head lamps can be a best option as it is hands-free and easy to use.


Water is the key to survival. You should always carry lots of water to keep yourself hydrated throughout your camping journey. You cannot rely on the fact that there would be a source of hygienic drinking water at the campsite. Consuming impure water may cause illness and infection in the body.  You just cannot afford to be sick when camping in an isolated area. It is better if you have your own gallon of water. Also carry some water purification tablets in case you need to refill your water.

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