Popular Outdoor Camping Cookware Sets

When you go camping, you need to bring along some Outdoor Camping Cookware to prepare meals. For the best flavor, eat outdoors when nature provides an abundant source of flavor. With a 3-piece cookware set, prepare food quickly and easily for long hiking or backpacking trips. Food cooked on the grill tastes better than food cooked on a stove. You and your friends can have fun grilling barbeque chicken, pork chops or beef sandwiches.

An Overview

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The first type of Outdoor Camping Cookware you need for a camping trip is an aluminum pan. Aluminum pans are lightweight and easy to clean. Cooking on an aluminum pan provides enough heat to fully cook the food. It’s also ideal if you’re going to be sitting around the campfire for much of the evening because the warmth from the aluminum pan will keep you warm enough to eat properly.

Next on the list in our Outdoor Camping Cookware list is a stainless steel pan. Although not very colorful, this is the best choice for a backpacking cooking experience. To prevent rust, be sure to keep your stainless steel pan coated with a layer of cooking oil or grease. Stainless steel is very resistant to corrosion.

The third essential item in any good set of outdoor camping cookware is a cast iron pot. Cast iron pots are great choices because they are very durable, but they are also very light. In addition, cast iron pots are great at preventing rusting. They are also very easy to clean and maintain. If you are an avid camper, consider investing in a couple of cast iron pots so you’ll always have a nice, clean, new pot on hand.

Cookware Set 

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The fourth type of cookware to consider is the lightweight solo camping cookware set. A lightweight cookware set will give you the ability to eat and cook in comfort while still being able to move around in your vehicle. The downside to a lightweight single-piece cookware set is that you’ll need more to cook than in other similar styles. Keep in mind, a good brand like Cuisinart or Fisher Price will generally come with more than just the frying pan, as they’re very good manufacturers.

The next type we’re going to cover is the GSI outdoors pinnacle soloist camping cook set. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a medium duty, long-lasting cookware set. It has a cast aluminum bowl, which allows for even heat distribution. It also has a long, non-stick cooking surface, and a handle so you can easily carry it while hiking. It comes with a long-range and a short-range burner, and the only drawback to it is the fact that the basket (the part with the food) is not very wide.

Final Thing 

Next, we’re going to discuss the GSI outdoor gas grill cook sets. These are excellent backpacking cookware sets because they are made of heavy-duty stainless steel and are extremely durable. The steel body of the set includes a protective non-stick cooking surface, and there are six burner sets including a main burner, two burners, and two side burners. The nice thing about these cook sets is that the cast iron basket has a long-range burn zone, and the sides of the basket are also non-stick.


The last type we’re going to discuss is the GSI Outback Pro series, which is an inexpensive but high-performing single-piece outdoor camping cookware set. The set comes with a stainless steel body and includes a lid tends that locks to hold food in place. The set has an even heat distribution, and the sides of the lid tend are non-stick, which is an excellent benefit for backpacking.

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