Portable Outdoor Shower Kits for Camping

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A big problem when camping is that to take a shower everyday and feel clean. Most outdoor premises do not have the facility for a shower. And, when you are camping out in the wild, you cannot even expect one. Here are some portable outdoor shower kits for camping to help you solve this basic requirement.

NEMO Helio Portable Pressure Shower

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If you’ve used camping showers before, you might be underwhelmed by the water pressure, or notable lack thereof.  You won’t have any problem with this shower, which delivers your ideal water pressure with the use of an integrated foot pump.  A capacity of 11 liters means you’ll enjoy up to 5-7 minutes of water pressure, although you probably won’t want to be under cold water that long.  At just 1 pounds, 5 ounces, this portable shower unit is lightweight and efficient. 

RinseKit Portable Outdoor Shower

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Adventures in showering are made more manageable with this kit that includes a 2-gallon reservoir, a hot rod water heater, a pressure booster pump, and six feet of hose for your convenience.  When you want a shower with the pressure of your garden hose and up to six minutes of hot water, you’ll get your money’s worth.  The reservoir is easy to refill from any spigot or sink and the heat and pump can be used simultaneously.  Plugs into a standard, 12-volt vehicle port for charging. 

Advanced Elements Summer Shower

On your average day, 5 gallons might not sound like enough water for a shower, but when you have 5 gallons of solar heated water on a camping trip, it’s going to feel heaven-sent after a few days collecting dirt and sweat.  Four-layer construction offers durability and heat retention, and added features like Velcro straps and pockets for soap, shampoo, and towels ensure an efficient washing system.  Easy on/off shower nozzle helps to conserve water and it rolls up for compact transport. 

Coleman Camp Shower

If it has to do with camping, you can bet Coleman has a horse in the race.  Their addition to the camp shower market includes a flexible, 5-gallon reservoir that uses the sun to heat your water.  A sturdy handle doubles for transport or hanging on an overhead branch to get the gravity needed for water pressure.  An on/off valve connected to the shower head lets you use as much or as little water as needed, and you’re sure to get several uses from a single fill. 

Sea to Summit Pocket Shower

Unless you have pretty big pockets, you probably can’t slip this portable shower in your jacket or pants, but when rolled, the 70D nylon sack will fit in a 3×6-inch pouch and add just 4.3 ounces to the weight of your hiking pack.  If you could use it as a dry sack to stow certain items that require waterproof carry.  When unrolled, you can add 10 liters of water for about 8 minutes of shower time with solar heated water. 

These are the best portable outdoor shower kits for camping.

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