The Outdoor Shower For Camping

outdoor shower for camping

If you have a camper in your family or if you are an avid hunter who loves the great outdoors then you should look into getting an outdoor shower for camping. These are a great way to keep you and your loved ones nice and warm in the chilly winter months. The shower is connected to a plumbing system so it works by circulating water through a bathtub. The tub can be placed right next to your outdoor shower enclosure or in another location if you do not want to have it in the ground. It is important to have a pump installed so that water will circulate properly and no standing water is left over.

The Best Way 

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Camping with an outdoor shower is a great way to enjoy nature at its best. Many people love the outdoors but do not want to get wet from rain or the snow. Having this shower can also make the camper feel like they are getting some much needed fresh air. There are different models of these showers that are made for different needs.

Some outdoor showers are designed to simply hang on a wall. These are portable and easy to store so they are perfect for any occasion. The price of a portable model will vary depending on the type of pump installed. Portable showers can be found at most sporting goods stores or online.

Material Matters

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A more permanent outdoor shower enclosure is made from a durable material such as aluminum or steel. These types of showers take some getting used to. They are designed to withstand some inclement weather. An outdoor shower enclosure can be mounted to a free standing shower post or it can be bolted to the ground. A shower seat should be purchased if one is going to be purchased.

These showers can be a great way to relax and not worry about rugs getting wet or anything else that may happen while taking a shower. There are so many designs available in this category, it can be hard to choose. A popular style is the rain shower. These are often called spa-style showers and can be found with two or three jets. They offer a nice way to relax with a splash of cold water.

Other popular options for outdoor showers are the whirlpool, solar and inflatable varieties. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Whirlpools can be a little bit noisy when there is a lot of movement in the water, but many find them to be a great way to ease the stress of a hectic lifestyle.

Solar Showers 

Solar showers are a great way to save money on your camping trip because you won’t have to pay for electricity during the trip. Many of them are portable and fold up for easy storage. Inflatable models are the best choice for an on the go camping trip, but you can also find the portable version of this type of shower enclosure. If you want something that is easy to store then an inflatable shower enclosure is an ideal choice. It won’t take up a lot of space when it is deflated.

One thing you may want to consider is an electric shower. These are becoming more popular as camping becomes more popular. An outdoor shower enclosure offers the convenience of one, but also adds another great feature. You can use it to keep your pets off the bathroom floor. This will prevent pet stains and odors from becoming a huge problem.

There are several different models to choose from. They all vary in size. Some are designed to fit under the sink. Others are designed so they are out of sight. You can find them in many colors and styles to suit any taste.

Another great benefit of an outdoor shower enclosure is that they provide a relaxing and refreshing way to get clean. The steam from the shower will help to relieve stress. By relieving stress you may also find that you are able to get a lot more done during your camping trip. You can sit and enjoy the steam while it cleans your body.


An outdoor shower is a great investment in your camping gear. If you don’t want to lug around a shower cubicle, you can opt for a portable model. With a little bit of planning, you can have your own shower that you can use in any weather condition. It’s a great way to enjoy the great outdoors without having to worry about getting dirty.

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