The Threatened Species In Urban Jungle -

The Threatened Species In Urban Jungle

The Threatened Species In Urban Jungle

This article gives a detail version of the threatened species in the urban jungle. Some birds and animals come from the forest to the city. Many people living in Australia can see wildlife species in their urban residence. There are many endangered species in the urban jungle. People there are experiencing city wildlife. Many wildlife plants grow in the urban cities of Australia. The national environment program is working on the number of life-threatening wild species available in the suburbs. The estimate says that there are 380 threatened wildlife unique is in the suburbs of Australia. Nature is dwelling right at the place where humans have their own homes.

The Threatened Species In Urban Jungle
The Threatened Species In Urban Jungle

An Alarming Call Threatened Species In Urban Jungle

It is an alarming call that the wildlife species are migrating and dwelling in the suburbs of Australia. The main reason is that people around are using phones, laptops, and other different techniques. The rays which evolve from these laptops and phone are harmful to these wildlife species. These rooms kill these wildlife species. The best place for these wildlife species to dwell is in a forest. Admit nature; these species have no danger.; they get everything they want in the woods. In Australia, you can see a unique variety of wildlife plants growing in the suburbs. Between the busy life, these native species are not safe.

The Threatened Species In Urban Jungle
The Threatened Species In Urban Jungle

List Of Threatened Wildlife species In Urban Jungle

There is a number of threatened wildlife species, which are dwellings suburbs. The national environment agency has made an estimate Osuch threatened species. Some of them are as follows. These wildlife species are surviving in the suburbs.


The one such have species that are surviving in the summer urns of Australia are orchids. These are the most beautiful species in Australian wildlife. These are in danger because of the busy lifestyle of the humans around them.

Cockatoo Bird

Other such species that are dwelling in the suburbs are a Cockatoo bird. These birds are unique. These birds are now migrating from the forest to the suburbs. They are surviving in the urban areas, which is filled by the number of cables. There are various other different species of Cockatoo birds residing in the suburbs of Australia, which have a life threat.

Diuris Flower

Other wildlife species are migrating from the forest. The flowers that are growing in the human population. These are Diuris flower which is on the verge of getting extinct.


The other endangered species are frogs. There are various wetland frogs found in the urban areas of Australia; this is the reason these frogs have a life thread risk. The different environment in the forest and the urban regions causes a threat to the lives of such wildlife species.

With the changing technology, People are using more and more phones and laptops, for commuting also metro trains are preferred. These all generate harmful rays that are dangerous for such species. wildlife is best living in the forest.

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