Tips For Choosing The Right Camping Tents -

Tips For Choosing The Right Camping Tents

A tent in a field next to a body of water

The right tent for camping is very important as it can provide you with comfort, convenience and fun. If you choose the wrong camping tent, you may end up feeling cold, wet, hot, suffocated, unsafe and unhappy. Here is an essential guide for the right tent for camping.

Size, height and shape of your tent

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You need to first ascertain how many people will be sleeping in a tent. Next, you need to figure out whether their backpacks and other gear will all fit in comfortably. The height is measured from the ground up to the top of your tent. You can subtract the interior 2 or 3 inches to get the exact height of your tent. This should give you a rough estimate of whether you want a taller tent or not.

Weight of your tent

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Always get tents that are light-in-weight and spacious. A two-person tent is enough for bike-camping or backpacking trip. It is always ideal to choose a tent that is four pounds or less in weight. Often, you will notice that heavier a tent is, the spacious it is. It is tough to get a light and a spacious one. It will get very tough for you to carry a heavy tent on your back while biking. If you are going by car, then weight should not be a problem.

Determine the season for camping

This is a no-brainer, but if you are going in a wet terrain or going to camp in a place where it might rain, then you should go in for a rain-proof tent. If you are going to enjoy camping fun in a super cold place, then it is better to get insulated tents which keep you warm. If you are going to jungle terrain, you should get tents that protect you from insects, reptiles or other animals. The 3-season or 4-season tents are generally light-in-weight and also cooler in hot weather. 

Determine the right tent floor size

The floor area defines the size of the tent. It is generally ideal to choose a tent with a 20 sq feet floor area. For bike campers, a 15 sq ft floor area camp is also fine.

Tents with doors

You get options for two doors or one door in a tent. An extra door does add extra weight but is sometimes useful if two people are living inside a tent and you need to get up in the middle of the night to attend to the call of nature.

Camping tents that can stand without support

These stand up on their own without any external help. These are freestanding tents that help you set them up on the hard ground. You can also choose camps with vents as these allow air circulation on hot and stuffy nights. Lastly, always carry an extra sheet of nylon or plastic to place under your tent. This will prevent your tents from getting too dirty. 

Follow the above-mentioned tips to get the right tent for camping. Do not go for camping without getting the right tent for yourself if you want to have a truly rejuvenating and thrilling experience.

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