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Types Of Popup Tents For Camping: What You Should Know Before You Buy

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Many people who do a lot of backpacking and hiking find the use of popup tents to be indispensable. Whether you’re a veteran backpacker or a complete novice, having some form of protection around your tent is essential. There are several different types of popup tents, each offering its own set of features. You’ll want to check out the features of each tent, as well as how it will fit into your backpacking and hiking life. A few features that all tents will have been outlined below, so take a look at what your options are before making your final purchase.

– Backpacking shelters are great for trips that don’t require a lot of equipment. They come in a wide variety of sizes, from the small tarp style that you can stuff up inside of a backpack, to the larger hexagonal units that can fit six or eight people. Some of these models even have storage drawers built into them for keeping small items such as a tent cover, cookware, or other supplies. They are much more compact than the larger tents and will not take up much of your backpacking space.

– Hexagon tents are perhaps the most popular of all types of tents. These tents feature reinforced hexagons for strength, allowing them to keep the air flowing properly through them. They are very durable, and you’ll rarely need to repair them since they’re built sturdy. They work great for camping trips that will last the summer months.

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– Dome tents work great for camping in cooler weather. The tents feature large domes on their sides, which helps to prevent heat from entering through your feet. Since there is no bottom seam on a dome tent, the material is breathable so your feet won’t end up feeling damp. This type of tent also works great if you plan on climbing since you’ll have plenty of ventilation when you’re standing instead of lying prone in the dirt. Dome tents are also very lightweight, which means you can easily pack them up for transport and storage without a lot of pain.

– Inside-the Pantsuks is also very lightweight, but they do have one downfall. The fabric from these tents is highly susceptible to punctures, which could easily injure you if you’re not careful. Fortunately, these tents are also very durable, so this isn’t something you’ll likely have to worry about while camping. It’s also a good idea to use inside-the-pants us during rainy or cold weather since they are waterproof and can keep you warm and dry.

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– Canopies offer another choice of the tent when you want to go camping, and they are generally the most expensive of all tents. However, they do make the best choice for campers who like the idea of shade but don’t want to deal with a tent. A canopy tent is a bit different than a normal tent. For one thing, it’s made up of smaller canvases, rather than the larger hexagons used in regular tents. It’s also made out of a heavy-duty canvas, which can withstand rain and even wind.

– Lastly, there are pop-up backpacking tents. These are basically a small-sized backpack. They have a zipper at the top that rolls up to enclose the interior. Most of these are used by hunters and backpackers for easy access to their gear and protection from the elements. This type of tent has a few disadvantages, however. You probably won’t want to choose it if you want to venture out on a long trip where you might encounter severe weather.

Bottom Line

You should definitely do some research before you purchase any type of tent. Make sure to look at all the different features. See how much room you need and what features you’d like. If you’re not familiar with them, you should definitely spend a little time researching and getting an idea of the types of tents available. You’ll be glad that you did once you get to camp in one of your own!

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